Screening for Diabetes – Fasting Blood Sugar

The best way to know if you have diabetes mellitus is to have yourself screened by doing a FASTING BLOOD GLUCOSE (FBS) test.  It is also called the FASTING PLASMA GLUCOSE (FPG) test.  To prepare, do not eat or drink anything except water for 8 to 10 hours before your scheduled fasting blood glucose test.

The results are interpreted as follows: you have diabetes is your fasting blood sugar is 126mg/dl and above, you have pre-diabetes if it is 100-125mg/dl, and you have normal blood sugar levels at 99mg/dl or less.

If your results show that you have either diabetes or pre-diabetes, talk to your doctor right away, for advice on proper lifestyle and diet, and to start you on the right medication.

DM FBS cut offs

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