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  1. Excellent blog. I hop you keep at it. I am curious as to why you chose endocrinology? Did lifestyle have to do anything with your choice? Most people think endocrinology = diabetes. What other disorders do you usually treat other than diabetes?


    • Hello sir Amado! I’ve been dormant for quite awhile, thank you for your interest. 🙂 Endocrinology is a sub-specialization of Adult medicine – you are correct, we deal with Diabetes, but also Thyroid disorders, Metabolic Syndrome, Overweight and Obesity, Lipid Disorders, Menopause, Osteoporosis and Calcium disorders, disorders of the Pituitary gland – basically hormone disorders, which is why we are not confined to a specific organ-system.


    • I chose Endocrinology because it is mainly an outpatient practice and the number of patients requiring the services of an Endocrinologist is expected to rise steadily…


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